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The Lost Prophet: The Book of Enoch and Its Influence on Christianity
Margaret Barker
Publication Date
January 2010


Reading the book of Enoch unleashes a new understanding of early Christianity, one that is uncannily relevant to the late twentieth century. Though neglected and almost forgotten by the church for fifteen hundred years, the book of Enoch was one of the most important writings of the pre-Christian period and was kept and used by the early church.

It represents supremely the mystical element in the Judeo-Christian tradition, with strange and powerful symbolism and heavenly visions of the last judgment. Its treatment of the problem of evil, of humankind’s relationship with the creation, of the role of the expected Messiah, and of other key themes in Judaism and Christianity challenges many traditional assumptions and throws dramatic new light on our understanding of Jesus and his message.

The Lost Prophet is an exciting and thought-provoking book which should be read by everyone interested in the foundations of Christianity.

“Barker asks the right questions and more often than not has the right answers. A must for student and scholar alike.”
—Bernhard Lang, International Review of Biblical Studies

Margaret Barker,, a former President of the Society for Old Testament Study, is a prolific author specializing in reconstructing the background of New Testament thought in the Hebrew Bible and early Judaism.

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