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The Lives of the Prophets
Charles Cutler Torrey
Publication Date
May 2006


“The Lives of the Prophets is described by Torrey as ‘a characteristic deposit of old Jewish Folklore, first published in Palestine, in the Hebrew language, in the first century of the present era.’ Being a collection of brief biographies for the most part amplifying the biblical accounts of the prophets’ lives, it reminds us of such work as the (originally Hebrew) Biblical Antiques of Pseudo-Philo. Like the latter work, the Lives of the Prophets has been drawn upon by Louis Ginzberg in his invaluable collection of haggadic supplements to the Old Testament, the Legends of the Jews.

As a separate work, however, the Greek text has not been edited in a form convenient for biblical scholars, and Torrey has performed a real service in making it available in a critical form accompanied by an English translation, textual and explanatory notes, and an instructive Introduction—all these being given with admirable conciseness and clarity.”
—Ralph Marcus, Journal of Biblical Literature