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The Peshitto of Second Samuel
Donald M. Englert
Publication Date
March 2006


“It is remarkable that none of the ancient versions of the Bible has been paid as little attention as to the Syriac, which, owing to its great antiquity, is one of the most valuable documents in ascertaining the original text of the Bible. In point of age, it takes precedence of every other oriental text, excepting, of course, the LXX. The critical and exegetical value of the Peshitto is now universally recognized. The study of its text, therefore, deserves the attention of scholars. …

This study begins with the study of the transmission of the Peshitto text. Of the representative texts used, it is apparent that the Ambrosian manuscript is the most valuable aid to the text critic of the Old Testament. Then the treatment of the MT by Peshitto is studied. Here it is seen that the Peshitto, while not slavishly literal, gives the sense of the original fairly well, while feeling free to paraphrase from time to time. The important question of the relation of the Peshitto to the LXX and other ancient versions is taken up next. An appendix shows that the Syriac of 2 Samuel was emended to agree with its parallel in Psalm 18.”
—from the introduction