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Tannaitic Parallels to the Gospels
Morton Smith
Publication Date
March 2006


“Dr. Smith’s monograph represents the revised form of a dissertation written for the Ph.D. degree at the University of Jerusalem. It differs from previous utilizations of Rabbinic literature for NT study by Dalman, Strack-Billerbeck, and G. Kittel in avoiding considerations of history and religious thought and confining itself to philology and literary forms.

In eight compact chapters Smith examines the “verbal parallels” of the two literatures, comparing the influence of Hebrew usage upon the gospels and of Greek upon Tannaitic Literature, the “parallels of idiom,” “parallels of meaning,” and “parallels of literary forms.” Methods of transmission of gospel and Tannaitic traditions are illustrated in the study of “parallels in types of association.” “Complete parallels,” “parallels of parallelism,” i. e., the similar relation of one book to another in the two literatures, and “parallels with a fixed difference” complete the work.… he sheds much light on both the literary forms and ides of the Gospels and of TL. His work cannot be praised too highly for its solid scholarship
—Samuel S. Cohen, Journal of Biblical Literature