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Late Israelite Prophecy: Studies in Deutero-Prophetic Literature and in Chronicles
David L. Petersen
Publication Date
December 2005


“Petersen’s study (based on a Yale dissertation directed by S. Dean McBride and completed in 1972) seeks to describe the directions of development taken by prophecy in the period after the destruction of the temple in 587 B.C. Two distinct directions are identified and traced, one sponsored by a group which sought to preserve the authority of the earlier prophets’ words through transmission, re-interpretation, and opposition to contemporaries claiming prophetic authority, the other sponsored by a Levitical group of cult singers which sought to establish for itself prophetic status.… Petersen’s study is a careful piece of scholarship which bases itself upon several earlier studies and probes in several new directions with the result that additional light is shed on a dark and complex period of Israelite history.… one can only express gratitude for a study which both draws freely upon previous scholarship and contributes generously to an ongoing, cooperative endeavor to understand a fascinating heritage.”
—Paul D. Hanson, Journal of Biblical Literature