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Sin and Judgment in the Prophets: A Stylistic and Theological Analysis
Patrick D. Miller Jr.
Publication Date
December 2005


“My intention is to explore the extent to which and the way in which the prophetic understanding of the relationship between sin and judgment is spelled out or articulated in various ways in the proclamation of the prophets. This essay therefore is a study of the device/pattern/motif of correspondence between sin and judgment, crime and punishment, that is, the prophetic announcement that punishment will be according to, in some way like, or appropriate in either a literal or symbolic fashion to the sin committed.… The heart of the study is the examination of individual passages in prophetic literature—and a few in non-prophetic materials—to see in detail how the correspondence of sin and judgment is manifest and worked out. On that basis a classification can be proposed (though not a rigid one). We shall also seek to discern from the examples what can be suggested about the source and setting of the correspondence pattern before turning to the theology of judgment worked out from the texts considered.”
—from the introduction