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The Griesbach Hypothesis and Redaction Criticism
Sherman E. Johnson
Publication Date
January 1997


“What Johnson proposes to do in this book is to use the literary and theological (and sociological) aspects of redaction criticism together to reexamine the Synoptic Problem in terms of theological development.… The way Johnson attempts to work through his proposal is to use redaction criticism (1) to examine each of the Synoptic Gospels individually and to draw out their unique theologies and structures; (2) to compare the three Gospels in terms of various theological issues; (3) to reexamine the question of Mark’s Sitz im Leben; and (4) to draw conclusions concerning which source hypothesis, the Two Document Hypothesis (2DH) or the Griesbach Hypothesis (GH), best fits the evidence examined in this manner.… This book should not be ignored by scholars interested in the Synoptic Problem. Johnson offers a valid criticism of the way redaction criticism has been adapted for use in source-critical studies, not just by Farmer but by adherents of both the GH and the 2DH.… Source criticism based on redaction-critical methods should take theological and sociological aspects onto account.”
—O. Wesley Allen Jr., Journal of Biblical Literature