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Malachi: The Divine Messenger
Beth Glazier Mcdonald
Publication Date
January 1997


“This is a well-written, clear, and comprehensive commentary on the book of the prophet Malachi. Originally submitted to the University of Chicago in 1983 as a Ph.D. thesis, the work attempts a new assessment of the Book of Malachi in an effort to overcome indifference toward the prophet’s work and pejorative views of the postexilic period. … The author sets forth three main theses. First, she believes that Malachi is to be interpreted in a poetic structure. At the beginning of each of the oracle units (1:2–5; 1:6–2:9; 2:10–16; 2:17–3:5; 3:6–12), she therefore sets down the Hebrew in poetic form, followed by her translation. … Second, the author maintains that Malachi is a unity, and this view, it seems to me, she defends quite successfully. The connections between the oracle units are skillfully brought out, and this enables Glazier-McDonald to set forth the thought of the book with force and clarity. Third, G.-M. uses her detailed exegesis of the prophet's writings to throw more light on the postexilic period; once again, this is well done. …The result is a rather clear picture of Malachi's time and situation, adding to the growing body of literature that is being produced about the postexilic period. … This is a technical book, with lots of Hebrew, German and French left untranslated, and therefore is not for the general reader. On the other hand, any preacher could benefit from the careful exegesis of each word, sentence, and section.”
— Elizabeth Achtemeier, Catholic Biblical Quarterly