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Fragments from Hellenistic Jewish Authors, Volume 3: Aristobulus
Carl R. Holladay , Carl R. Holladay
Publication Date
April 2001


"With this volume Holladay has continued his splendid work on the fragmentary Hellenistic-Jewish authors, and has given us what will be the standard reference work on Aristobulus." Religious Studies Review

Aristobulus, who flourished in Alexandria in the mid-first century B.C.E., is the earliest known Jewish philosopher. His engagement with Hellenistic culture makes him one of the earliest, and one of the most important, representatives of Hellenistic Judaism. As an exegete who wrote a multi-volume commentary on the Pentateuch using allegorical interpretation, he is an important forerunner to later Jewish and Christian exegetes, including Philo of Alexandria, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen. Portions of his extensive exegetical project were preserved by Eusebius.