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Anatomies of Narrative Criticism: The Past, Present, and Futures of the Fourth Gospel as Literature
Edited By Tom Thatcher, Stephen D. Moore, Tom Thatcher
RBS 55
Publication Date
November 2008


Reflecting on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Alan Culpepper’s milestone Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel (1983), Anatomies of Narrative Criticism explores current trends in the study of the Gospel of John as literature. The contributors to the volume represent a wide range of methodological approaches that all explore ways that contemporary readers generate meaning from John’s story of Jesus. The book includes an introduction to narrative-critical studies of John; essays on specific themes and passages that focus on interpretation of the text, history of research, hermeneutical approaches, and future trends in research; and a reflective response from Alan Culpepper. Overall, the book seeks to trace the history and project the future of the study of the Bible as narrative.

Tom Thatcher, Ph.D. (1996) in New Testament-Johannine Literature, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is Professor of Biblical Studies at Cincinnati Christian University. He is the author or editor of numerous books and articles, including Jesus in Johannine Tradition and Why John Wrote a Gospel: Jesus-Memory-History (both from Westminster John Knox), and The Riddles of Jesus in John: A Study in Tradition and Folklore and New Currents through John: A Global Perspective (both from the Society of Biblical Literature). Stephen Moore, Ph.D. in New Testament (1986), University of Dublin (Trinity College), is Professor of New Testament at The Theological School, Drew University. His numerous books and articles include Empire and Apocalypse: Postcolonialism and the New Testament (Sheffield Phoenix), God’s Beauty Parlor: And Other Queer Space in and around the Bible (Stanford University Press), and God’s Gym: Divine Male Bodies of the Bible (Routledge).