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Theology and Anthropology in the Book of Sirach
Bonifatia Gesche, Christian Lustig, Gabriel Rabo, editors
SCS 73
Publication Date
October 2020



New research on Sirach for scholars and students

The present volume of English and German essays includes the proceedings of an international conference held in Eichstaett, Germany, in 2017. Themes of creation, emotions, life, death, wisdom, knowledge, the individual and society, family, gender, mercy, justice, and freedom are but a few of the topics that contributors explore in this new collection. Essays explore the rich intertextual connections between Sirach and other biblical texts.


  • Attention to theological distinctions presented in the Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, and Latin versions of the book of Sirach
  • Examination of the reception of Sirach in the New Testament and the early modern era
  • English abstracts for German-language essays and German abstracts for English-language essays

Bonifatia Gesche is affiliated with the Vetus Latina Institut Beuron, Germany, where she is currently working on the edition of the books of Esdras. She is also affiliated with the University of the Saarland in Saarbrücken, where she is collaborating on a project preparing a polyglot synopsis for the book of Ben Sira.

Christian Lustig is a PhD student in the Department of New Testament Studies at Saarland University, where he is part of the Sirach Synopsis Project with a focus on the edition and translation of the Greek and Latin versions.

Gabriel Rabo is senior scientist at the University of Salzburg and research assistant in the Department of Old Testament Studies at the Catholic University of Eichstaett. He is part of the Sirach Synopsis Project, with a particular focus on the edition and translation of the Syriac version of Ben Sira.

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