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Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature: What It Is and What It Offers
Walter R. Bodine, editor
SemeiaSt 27
Publication Date
January 1997


This collection introduces the linguistic field of discourse analysis and its application to the study of the Hebrew Bible. Departing from an earlier emphasis on the analysis of sentences and parts of sentences, linguistics have more recently broadened their approach to include an examination of entire texts and discourse units. Applying this approach to biblical texts offers hope of resolving several long-standing persistent literary questions.


“Introduction: Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature: What It Is and What It Offers”
— Walter R. Bodine

“Building for the Worship of God: Exodus 25:1–30:10”
— Robert E. Longacre

“Isaiah 40:1–11 in the Context of the Macrostructure of Second Isaiah”
— David McLain Carr

“Functional Grammar, Hebrew and Aramaic: An Integrated, Textlinguistic Approach to Syntax”
— Randall Buth

“The Theoretical Foundations of Hebrew Discourse Grammar”
— Kirk E. Lowery

“Stylistics for the Study of Ancient Texts: Wandering in the Borderlands”
— Tova Meltzer

“Discourse Functions of Quotative Frames in Biblical Hebrew Narrative”
— Cynthia L. Miller

“Progress and Cohesion in Biblical Narrative: The Function of ke/be + the Infinitive Construct”
— Douglas M. Gropp

“Bibliography: A Classified Discourse Analysis Bibliography”
— Kirk E. Lowery