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Prophecy and Prophets: The Diversity of Contemporary Issues in Scholarship
Yehoshua Gitay
SemeiaSt 33
Publication Date
January 1998


Generations of readers have been inspired by the prophets and the literature ascribed to them. This present volume, edited by Yehoshua Gitay, offers a remarkable cross-section of insightful research by scholars from around the world who have devoted decades to research on prophets and prophetic literature. Comparative studies and traditional critical issues are enhanced by the utilization of literary and social-world perspectives, while the history of interpretation by artists provides an innovative angle of vision. Readers of Prophecy and Prophets will learn much about the diverse ways in which prominent scholars are currently assessing Hebrew Bible prophetic literature. The volume offers an entrée into the methodological pluralism of biblical studies at the turn of the millennium.

“The strengths of the volume are many and obvious.… The contributors, internationally known experts in the study of the prophets, draw on decades of their own research to write essays that illustrate given methods or issues. In doing so, they trace major turns in the history of scholarship and lay out issues of contemporary research.”
Hebrew Studies

“The editor of the volume has succeeded in gathering a stellar group of contributors representing the main currents within the various tributaries of scholarship on Israelite prophecy. The breadth of the issues treated and the contemporary nature of the essays in which they are treated make this collection an excellent reader for undergraduate and graduate courses in Hebrew prophetic literature. It provides beginning students with an inviting entryway into the varied world of biblical prophecy, and it includes several corridors which will also satisfy the curiosities and individual pursuits of specialists and scholars.”
Catholic Biblical Quarterly


—Yehoshua Gitay

The Expansion of Prophecy in the Mari Archives: New Texts, New Readings, New Information
—Herbert B. Huffmon

Rethinking the Nature of Prophetic Literature
—David L. Petersen

The Projection of the Prophet: A Rhetorical Presentation of the Prophet Jeremiah
—Yehoshua Gitay

Between God and Man: Prophets in Ancient Israel
—David N. Freedman

Max Weber, Charisma and Biblical Prophecy
—Ronald E. Clements

The Book of Isaiah: A Complex Unity: Synchronic and Diachronic Reading
—Rolf Rendtorff

Freeing the Imagination: The Conclusion to the Book of Joel
—James L. Crenshaw

Prophet and Prophecy: An Artistic Dilemma
—Zefira Gitay