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The Recycled Bible: Autobiography, Culture, and the Space Between
Fiona C. Black
SemeiaSt 51
Publication Date
August 2006


The essays in this volume trace the Bible as it is “recycled” through a wide range of Western cultural texts, from beer to the devil—and much in between. They employ the personal voice to explore and critique the interplay between culture and biblical text, in the process investigating the “space between” the discourses of autobiographical and cultural criticism. Taken together, they illustrate the breadth of these recent approaches to the Bible as well as some of the marvelous creativity that has become the hallmark of this kind of work.

Fiona C. Black is Head of the Religious Studies Department and Associate Professor at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. She is editor, with Roland Boer and Erin Runions, of The Labour of Reading: Desire, Alienation, and Biblical Interpretation (SBL/Scholars Press) and author of the forthcoming The Artifice of Love: Grotesque Bodies and the Song of Songs (Continuum).

The Recycled Bible is a thought-provoking postmodern venture, a ‘bag of resources’ well worth having on one’s shelves (see in particular the introductory article by Black, which sets out a very helpful history of autobiography and cultural studies) and is a must for anyone interested in both autobiographical criticism and the ubiquitous cultural studies.”
— A. Jeffers, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament


The Recycled Bible: Autobiography, Culture, and the Space Between
—Fiona C. Black


www.recycledpaul.commentary: Reading and Writing the Pastoral Epistles as Hypertexts
—Deborah Krause

Stabat Maria: Marian Fragments and the Limits of Masculinity
—Andrew Wilson

He/brew(’)s Beer, or, H(om)ebrew
—Roland Boer

Red Herrings in Bullet-Time: The Matrix, the Bible, and the Postcommunist I
—Ela Nutu

Feasting with/on Jesus: John 6 in Conversation with Vampire Studies
—Tina Pippin

Outside In: Diabolical Portraits
—James A. Smith

The Bible as a Children’s Book: The Metrical Psalms and The Gammage Cup
—Hugh S. Pyper

Writing Lies: Autobiography, Textuality, and the Song of Songs
—Fiona C. Black


Panopticon Gone Mad? Staged Lives and Academic Discipline(s)
—Erin Runions

Recycling the Bible: A Response
—George Aichele