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Mark, Mutuality, and Mental Health: Encounters with Jesus
Simon Mainwaring
SemeiaSt 79
Publication Date
August 2014


An incitement to re-assess how society relates to persons with poor mental health

Mainwaring explores the societal contexts of those who suffer poor mental health, and in particular the relational dynamics of how identity, agency, and dialogue are negotiated in personal encounters. This work seeks to serve as an experiment, such that interested readers might better understand the dynamics of relational power that pervade encounters with persons with poor mental health.


  • Foucauldian analysis of the relational dynamics of poor mental health used to re-imagine hegemonic relational dynamics
  • Close readings of encounters between individual characters to evaluate how mutuality operates in those encounters
  • Study of mutuality as it has emerged in mental health literature, feminist theologies, and theologies of disability

Simon Mainwaring is Rector of St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in San Diego, California and Dean of the School for Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. He has published work on minority education in India and power relations as they pertain to church mission in North Atlantic societies.


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