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Treasures New and Old: Recent Contributions to Matthean Studies
Mark Allan Powell, David R. Bauer,
SymS 1
Publication Date
January 1997


Treasures New and Old publishes twelve essays that, collectively, reflect the major trends and issues in the contemporary study of Matthew’s Gospel, includeing redaction criticism, literary criticism, and various reader-response methodologies. Contributors include both North American and European, prominent and emerging New Testament scholars. Most of the essays were originally presented at the Matthew Group of the Society of Biblical Literature, but two of the essays were commissioned specifically for inclusion in this collection. Two of the essays that appeared originally in German are here translated and published in English for the first time.

“An extremely important book for any Matthean scholar.”
Religious Studies Review

“Those wishing to explore more fully the historical setting, structure, and exegesis of Matthew will do well to consult this volume.”
Ashland Theological Review


—David R. Bauer and Mark Allan Powell

The Sitz im Leben of the Gospel of Matthew
—Donald A. Hagner

—Matthew’s Understanding of the Temple Tax
—David E. Garland

Matthew and the Law
—Klyne Snodgrass

The Literary and Theological Function of the Genealogy in Matthew’s Gospel
—David R. Bauer

Characterization on the Phraseological Plane in the Gospel of Matthew
—Mark Allan Powell

Power and Powerlessness: Matthew’s Use of Irony in the Portrayal of Political Leaders
—Dorothy Jean Weaver

Wisdom Passages in Matthew
—Russell Pregeant

Matthew: Sermon and Story
—Janice Capel Anderson

Matthew’s Gospel as a Test Case for Hermeneutical Reflection
—Rudolf Schnackenburg

The Final Judgment (Matt 25:31–46): An Exercise in “History of Influence” Exegesis
—Ulrich Luz

A Sound Map of the Sermon on the Mount
—Bernard Brandon Scott and Margaret E. Dean

Discharging Responsibility: Matthean Jesus, Biblical Law, and Hemorrhaging Woman
—Amy-Jill Levine

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