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Reading 4QMMT: New Perspectives on Qumran Law and History
Moshe J. Bernstein, John Kampen,
SymS 2
Publication Date
January 1997


The publication in June 1994 of the purported letter of the Teacher of Righteousness ended a protracted period of surreptitious distribution and discussion of the text that many scholars regard as the most interesting fragment among those that have been unavailable heretofore for official study. This work collects essays from panels conducted at the 1994 Annual MeetingS of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Association of Jewish Studies that were organized to introduce the text to a wider readership and to initiate a discussion concerning the major issues in the study of 4QMMT. Collectively, the essays identify the questions that will define the course of research for the foreseeable future. Offered as a companion volume to the text itself, this collection will be of particular value to Qumran scholars, New Testament scholars with an interest in Qumran studies, and scholars of Second Temple Jewish history and literature who need to be acquainted with Qumran literature.

“This book is a necessary addition to the library of any Qumran specialist, as well as libraries with collections in Dead Sea Scrolls or in Jewish studies.”
Catholic Biblical Quarterly


—John Kampen and Moshe J. Bernstein

The Nature of the Reconstructed Composite Text of 4QMMT
—Elisha Qimron

4QMMT in a Qumran Context
—Florentino García Martínez

The Employment and Interpretation of Scripture in 4QMMT: Preliminary Observations
—Moshe J. Bernstein

4QMMT and the History of the Hasmonean Period
—Hanan Eshel

MMT, Josephus and the Pharisees
—Daniel R. Schwartz

The Place of 4QMMT in the Corpus of Qumran Manuscripts
—Lawrence H. Schiffman

Some Remarks on 4QMMT and the Rabbinic Tradition, Or, When Is a Parallel Not a Parallel?
—Yaakov Elman

4QMMT and New Testament Studies
—John Kampen

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