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Pauline Theology, Volume 4: Looking Back, Pressing On
David M. Hay, E. Elizabeth Johnson,
SymS 4
Publication Date
April 2002


This final volume in the Pauline Theology series contains three groups of essays by members of the Pauline Theology Group of the Society of Biblical Literature, which met yearly between 1986 and 1996 to investigate the nature of Paul’s theology. The first set of essays considers the Group’s two-year discussion of the Epistle to the Romans. The second set presents the continuing debate about whether Paul speaks of “the faith(fulness) of Jesus Christ” or “faith in Jesus Christ.” The third section of the book offers two very different retrospectives on the entire ten-year endeavor to define and describe Pauline theology. Each scholar’s proposal is presented alongside another scholar’s critical response to it so that the entire volume reflects the dialogical character of the Group’s work. An epilogue to the volume suggests ways the foregoing debates can inform the search for theology in the New Testament letters of disputed Pauline authorship.


—E. Elizabeth Johnson

Part 1: Looking Back on Romans

Unsearchable Judgments and Inscrutable Ways: Reflections on the Discussion of Romans
—Paul J. Achtemeier

Searchable Judgments and Scrutable Ways: A Response to Paul J. Achtemeier
—Leander E. Keck

Part 2: Faith in or of Jesus Christ

[Pistis] and Pauline Christology: What Is at Stake?
—Richard B. Hays

Once More, [Pistis Christou]
—James D. G. Dunn

Apropos the Faith of/in Christ: A Response to Hays and Dunn
—Paul J. Achtemeier

Part 3: Evaluating a Ten-Year Experiment

In Quest of Paul’s Theology: Retrospect and Prospect
—James D. G. Dunn

An Asymptotic Response to Dunn’s Retrospective and Proposals
—Steven J. Kraftchick

Pauline Theology: A Proposal for a Pause in Its Pursuit
—Paul W. Meyer

Where Is “the Truth” in Paul’s Gospel? A Response to Paul W. Meyer
—Victor Paul Furnish

Part 4: Epilogue

Pauline Theology after Paul
—David M. Hay

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