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What is John? Volume 2: Literary and Social Readings of the Fourth Gospel
Fernando F. Segovia, editor
SymS 7
Publication Date
January 1999


The publication of this volume, a sequel to the earlier collection, "What is John?" Volume 1: Readers and Readings of the Fourth Gospel, completes the work of the Johannine Literature Section of the Society of Biblical Literature on how real readers approach and interpret the Fourth Gospel. This second collection of papers demonstrates an even greater diversity of contemporary approaches to the Gospel of John and to its meaning, interpretation, significance, and relevance. The papers are organized according to their grounding in literary or sociocultural criticism, followed by a special section of reflection papers resulting from the 1996 meeting, "The Fourth Gospel at the Turn of the Twentieth Century." A conclusion by Fernando F. Segovia, editor of both volumes, serves to analyze the collection as a whole from the point of view of reading constructs and strategies. Students and scholars of the Gospel of John will find this profound and powerful collection to be a valuable resource.