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Which Mary? The Marys of Early Christian Tradition
F. Stanely Jones, Jones
SymS 19
Publication Date
November 2002


This book, edited by F. Stanley Jones, brings together cutting-edge contributions on early Christian Marys, offering a variety of perspectives by leading scholars, suggesting answers for known questions, and attempting to reframe the discussion through new questions. The studies evaluate the recent insight that the somewhat revolutionary Mary in ancient Christian writings who has often been assumed to be Mary Magdalene is sometimes specified to be Mary the mother of Jesus. The book analyzes the cross-fertilization of traditions that has apparently occurred and also probes into the earliest preserved traditions on the Marys, both canonical and noncanonical, as preserved in Western and Oriental languages.

F. Stanley Jones is Professor of Religious Studies at California State University, Long Beach, and Chair of the SBL’s Christian Apocrypha Section.


—F. Stanley Jones

A Case of Mistaken Identity? Naming the Gnostic Mary
—Stephen J. Shoemaker

The Mother of Jesus or Magdalene? The Identity of Mary in the So-Called Gnostic Christian Texts
—Antti Marjanen

Setting the Record Straight—The Politics of Identification: Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother in Pistis Sophia
—Ann Graham Brock

Why All the Controversy? Mary in the Gospel of Mary
—Karen L. King

Mary Magdalene in the Acts of Philip
—François Bovon

The Portrait of Mary in the Ascension of Isaiah
—Jonathan Knight

Seeking the Source of the Marian Myth: Have We Found the Missing Link?
—George T. Zervos