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Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East
Martti Nissinen
WAW 41
Publication Date
June 2019


A new, expanded edition of a classic reference tool

This volume of more than 170 documents of prophecy from the ancient Near East brings together a representative sample of written documents from Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Egypt dating to the second and first millennia BCE. Nissinen’s collection provides nonspecialist readers clear translations, transliterations, and discussions of oracles reports and collections, quotations of prophetic messages in letters and literature, and texts that reference persons with prophetic titles. This second edition includes thirty-four new texts.


  • Modern, idiomatic, and readable English translations
  • Thirty-four new translations
  • Contributions of West Semitic, Egyptian, and Luwian sources from C. L. Seow, Robert K. Ritner, and H. Craig Melchert

Martti Nissinen is Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology. His books include Ancient Prophecy: Near Eastern, Biblical, and Greek Perspectives (2017), Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East (2003), Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: A Historical Perspective (1998), and References to Prophecy in Neo-Assyrian Sources (1998).

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This is Writings from the Ancient World 41. See more available volumes in the WAW series.