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Sargon II, King of Assyria
Josette Elayi
ABS 22
Publication Date
July 2017


A critical resource that traces the reign of Sargon in context

Josette Elayi’s book is the only existing biography of Sargon II, the famous Assyrian king, who was a megalomaniac and a warlord. Elayi addresses important questions, including what was his precise role in the disappearance of the kingdom of Israel; how did Sargon II succeed in enlarging the borders of the Assyrian Empire by several successful campaigns; how did he organize his empire (administration, trade, agriculture, libraries), and what was the so-called sin of Sargon?


  • Interpretatations of decisive events during the life and reign of the Assyrian king
  • An evalution of Sargon II’s reign
  • Maps, tabels, and illustrations

Josette Elayi is honorary researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research. She is the editor of Transeuphratene, author of more than thirty books, and editor or seventy books.

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