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The Covenant Renewal in Ezra-Nehemiah (Neh 7:72B-10:40) An Exegetical, Literary, and Theological Study
Michael W. Duggan
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Publication Date
October 2001


This study provides the first detailed narrative analysis of the covenant renewal in Ezra-Nehemiah (Neh 7:72b-10:40). After carefully reviewing previous research and locating this key text within the setting of the entire Ezra-Nehemiah complex, Duggan provides a five-part analysis of each major section in the covenant renewal account: a fresh translation; a study of matters pertaining to textual criticism; a literary analysis that highlights narrative features; a lexical analysis of terminology in related biblical and extrabiblical sources; and a thematic summary of the results. A concluding chapter underlines the factors that certify the covenant renewal narrative as a remarkably sophisticated piece of literature.

“Duggan meticulously examines each sentence and each word in relation to the rest of the Hebrew Bible, showing the particular nuances in Nehemiah 9 vis-à-vis parallel texts.… One is grateful that such work was undertaken and executed so well.”
Journal of Hebrew Scripture