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In Dialogue With Another Gospel?
Mark A. Matson
Publication Date
June 2001


Students of the Gospels have frequently noticed a number of close similarities between the Gospels of Luke and John, especially in the passion narrative. Previous studies of this relationship have always examined the possibility that John knew Luke; in other words, it has been studied from the perspective of John. In this work, the relationship is examined from the perspective of Luke and is influenced by literary approaches to Luke’s composition. In particular, the question of Luke’s possible use of John is examined and positively assessed.

Mark A. Matson is Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean at Milligan College in Tennessee.

“Matson has assembled impressive data and has been balanced in his judgments. Again and again, both in the general overview (ch. 3) and in the close analysis of the passion narrative (chs. 6–8), the similarities are such that the easiest explanation of the data—the most scientific conclusion—is that there is indeed a literary relationship between the Gospels [of Luke and John].”
—Thomas L. Brodie, Review of Biblical Literature

“Because of its implications for Gospel study it deserves to be widely read and assessed.”
Expository Times