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The Prophets Speak on Forced Migration
Mark J. Boda, Frank Ritchel Ames, John Ahn, Mark Leuchter, editors
AIL 21
Publication Date
March 2015


A valuable resource with productive avenues for inquiry

In this collection of essays dealing with the prophetic material in the Hebrew Bible, scholars explore the motifs, effects, and role of forced migration on prophetic literature. Contributors focus on the study of geographical displacement, social identity ethics, trauma studies, theological diversification, hermeneutical strategies in relation to memory, and the effects of various exilic conditions in order to open new avenues of study into the history of Israelite religion and early Judaism.


  • An introductory essay that presents a history of scholarship and an overview of the collection
  • Ten essays examining the rhetoric of exile in the prophets
  • Current, thorough approaches to the issues and problems related to historical and cultural features of exile in biblical literature

Mark J. Boda is Professor of Old Testament, McMaster Divinity College, and Professor, Faculty of Theology, McMaster University. He is the author of 1–2 Chronicles (Tyndale House) and co-editor of both Let Us Go Up to Zion: Essays in Honour of H. G. M. Williamson on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday (Brill) and Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets (IVP Academic).

Frank Ritchel Ames is Director of Library Services at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is a contributor to the New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis (Zondervan) and the Encyclopedia of Protestantism (Routledge).

John Ahn is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at St. Edward's University. He is the author of Exile as Forced Migrations: A Sociological, Literary, and Theological Approach on the Displacement and Resettlement of the Southern Kingdom of Judah (de Gruyter) and co-editor of By the Irrigation Canals of Babylon: Approaches to the Study of the Exile (Bloomsbury T&T Clark).

Mark Leuchter is an associate professor in the Department of Religion at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. His books include Samuel and the Shaping of Tradition (Oxford University Press, 2013) and The Polemics of Exile in Jeremiah 26-45 (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

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