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Life in Kings: Reshaping the Royal Story in the Hebrew Bible
A. Graeme Auld
AIL 30
Publication Date
April 2017


Follow the words with an expert

Building on a lifetime of research and writing, A. Graeme Auld examines passages in Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and Isaiah that recount the same stories or contain similar vocabulary. He advances his argument that Samuel and Kings were organic developments from a deftly crafted, prophetically interpreted, shared narrative he calls the Book of Two Houses—a work focused on the house of David and the house of Yahweh in Jerusalem. At the end of the study he reconstructs the synoptic material within Kings in Hebrew with an English translation.


  • A critique of the dominant approach to the narrative books in the Hebrew Bible
  • A solid challenge to the widely accepted relationship between Deuteronomy, cultic centralization, and King Josiah’s reform
  • Key evidence in the heated contemporary debate over the historical development of Biblical Hebrew

A. Graeme Auld is Professor emeritus of Hebrew Bible at Edinburgh University. He taught Hebrew Bible there from 1972 to 2007. His books, include Joshua, Moses and the Land (1980), Amos (1986), Kings without Privilege (1994), and I & II Samuel: A Commentary (2011).

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