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The Text of I Corinthians in the Writings of Origen
Darrell D. Hannah
Publication Date
December 1997


This book reconstructs as much of Origen’s text of 1 Corinthians as is possible by collecting all the citations, allusions, and adaptations of the epistle from Origen’s works. The analysis of these variant readings demonstrates that Origen’s text is closely related to that of the Alexandrian witnesses, especially codices Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, and Ephraemi. Origen demonstrably gave little if any preference to the so called “primary Alexandrians” over the “secondary Alexandrians,” and, further, his text is a great deal closer to the Byzantine text-type than to the Western text-type. This Byzantine element of Origen’s text, Hannah argues, most probably arises from those readings that the Byzantine text-type shares with the Alexandrian. In addition to its other contributions, Hannah’s painstaking work suggests that scholars need to reexamine the widespread use of the subcategories “primary” and “secondary” Alexandrians.

“This is an excellent investigation of significant interest to exegetes of 1 Corinthians as well as textual critics and patristic scholars.”
Religious Studies Review