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The Text of the Gospels in Clement of Alexandria
Carl P. Cosaert
Publication Date
October 2008


This volume applies the latest methodological advances in patristic textual analysis to explore the nature of the Gospel text used by Clement, an early Alexandrian father who wrote extensively on the Christian faith and filled his writings with thousands of biblical citations. After examining Clement’s life and use of the New Testament writings, the book lists all of his quotations of the Four Gospels and compares them to those of other Alexandrian Christians and to the most significant ancient Greek and Latin manuscripts. The book demonstrates that the form of the Gospels in Alexandria was in transition at the end of the second century and argues that Clement’s Gospel text reveals an Alexandrian influence in John and Matthew and a stronger Western influence in Luke and his citations of Mark 10.

Carl P. Cosaert, Ph.D. (2005) in New Testament and Early Christianity, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Walla Walla University.