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Meaning and Context in the Thanksgiving Hymns: Linguistic and Rhetorical Perspectives on a Collection of Prayers from Qumran
Trine Bjornung Hasselbalch
EJL 42
Publication Date
April 2015


A new reading strategy for the Thanksgiving Hymns

Hasselbalch asserts that current theories about the social background of the Thanksgiving Hymns are unable to explain its heterogeneous character. Instead the author suggests a reading strategy that leaves presumptions about the underlying social contexts aside to instead consider the collection’s hybridity as a clue to understanding the collection as a whole.


  • Systemic Functional Linguistics applied to four Hodayot
  • Analysis that highlights the role of a mediator in the agency of God
  • An approach that highlights the unity of the collection

Trine Bjørnung Hasselbalch is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Biblical Exegesis in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Copenhagen.

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