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Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions of 1200-539 B.C.E.
Lawrence J. Mykytiuk
AcBib 12
Publication Date
August 2004


This book establishes the first comprehensive system for evaluating potential identifications of persons mentioned in the Hebrew Bible with persons mentioned in Northwest Semitic inscriptions. It applies this system in detail to a small number of Hebrew inscriptions, the Mesha Inscription, and the Tel Dan stele. Appendixes updated through mid-2002 briefly evaluate potential identifications of over seventy-five biblical persons in over ninety Northwest Semitic inscriptions which are mostly contemporary with the person. Resulting identifications and non-identifications appear in six categories of strength or weakness, from unmistakable to disqualified. The final product is a first-ever corpus consisting only of inscriptions that name biblical persons. This technical book will appeal to advanced scholars, graduate students, seminarians, clergy, and others who have a working knowledge of at least one Northwest Semitic language, e.g., biblical Hebrew, and to nonspecialists interested in questions about biblical historicity.

See also: Lawrence J. Mykytiuk, “Corrections and Updates to Identifying Biblical Persons in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions of 1200-539 B.C.E.” Maarav 16.1 (2009): 49–132.