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Textual Criticism and the New Testament: Text Theory, Practice, and Editorial Technique
Eberhard W. Güting
TCS 12
Publication Date
September 2020



The fruit of more than three decades of research

This collection of fourteen essays by Eberhard W. Güting covers important aspects of editorial science with a particular focus on New Testament textual criticism. Essays cover textual emendation, text-critical procedures, literary criticism, history of scholarship, advantages and disadvantages of online manuscripts, and text-critical studies of words and phrases. The addition of a substantial introduction to text criticism makes this a valuable resource for students and teachers.


  • Essays concerned with establishing the original text of New Testament writings
  • Nine essays published in English for the first time
  • Two previously unpublished essays

Eberhard W. Güting is an author and editor specializing in textual criticism of the New Testament. He is coeditor of Das Neue Testament auf Papyrus, II: Die paulinischen Briefe (1989) and coauthor of Asyndeton in Paul: A Text Critical and Statistical Enquiry into Pauline Style (1998).

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This is Text-Critical Studies 12. See more available volumes in the TCS series.