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The Dead Sea Scrolls in Scholarly Perspective: A History of Research
Devorah Dimant, editor
Publication Date
February 2016


Now in paperback!

The volume covers Qumran scholarship in separate countries: the USA, Canada, Israel, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, and Eastern Europe. Each essay carries a detailed bibliography for the respective country. Biographies of all the major scholars active in the field are briefly given as well. This book thereby exhaustively surveys past and present Qumran research, outlining its particular development in various circumstances and national contexts. For the first time, perspectives and information not recorded in any other publication are highlighted.


  • Paperback format of an essential Brill resource
  • Twenty-seven articles by twenty-six of the top scholars in the field
  • Contributions represent the work of more than sixty years of scholarly research
  • Devorah Dimant is Professor emerita for Ancient Jewish Literature at the University of Haifa, Israel and has published extensively on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish apocrypha, and pseudepigrapha.