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New Testament Greek Manuscripts: Mark
Reuben Swanson
Swanson 2
Publication Date
May 2008


Reuben J. Swanson’s New Testament Greek Manuscripts series was created especially for students and scholars of the New Testament, Bible translators, and New Testament textual scholars, enabling them to see at a glance any variations between the surviving Greek witnesses to any given verse in the New Testament. Using Codex Vaticanus as a base text, Swanson arranges the full readings of nearly 50 key textual witnesses (papyri, uncials, and minuscules) in an easy-to-follow, verse-by-verse format so that any textual variations between Vaticanus and the witnesses can be easily spotted. Each volume also includes a brief introduction to New Testament textual scholarship, along with helpful appendixes.

“When one considers that Swanson not only collected and formatted this material but also produced a finished product ready for printing, one can appreciate that the volume represents extraordinary dedication and attention to minute detail. All who make use of his apparatus of readings must feel a debt of gratitude to Swanson for having devised such an innovative and useful tool for the study of the Greek text of the New Testament.”
— Bruce M. Metzger

“The immediate and striking accessibility of Swanson’s distinctive format is evident at first glance; extensive use indicates that the standard of accuracy achieved is very, very high. The result is an extraordinarily useful research tool, for students, exegetes and historians, as well as textual critics.”
— Michael W. Holmes

“Swanson’s wealth of material … should encourage nonspecialists to look more critically at the critical editions to which they are presently bound. He has performed the inestimable service of giving the rest of us (much of) the data conveniently collated but uninterpreted, something no text critic ever did before.”
— David Dungan