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Joban Papers
David J. A. Clines
Publication Date
April 2023


In this volume, David J.A. Clines—known for his magisterial three-volume commentary on Job in the Word Biblical Commentary series (1989–2011)—brings together a sequence of twenty-seven of his papers on his favourite biblical book from a variety of publications.

In two sections, the wide-ranging Syntheses and the more focused Probes on particular chapters, this collection is a necessary adjunct to his commentary.

Among the titles in the Syntheses are:

  • On the Poetic Achievement of the Book of Job
  • Why Is There a Book of Job, and What Does It Do to You If You Read It?
  • Job’s Fifth Friend: An Ethical Critique of the Book of Job
  • Deconstructing the Book of Job

Among the Probes the reader will find:

  • False Naivety in the Prologue to Job
  • In Search of the Indian Job
  • Quarter Days Gone: Job 24 and the Absence of God
  • Those Golden Days: Job and the Perils of Nostalgia
  • Putting Elihu in his Place: A Proposal for the Relocation of Job 32–37
  • One or Two Things You May Not Know about the Universe
  • The Worth of Animals in the Book of Job
  • Job’s Crafty Conclusion, and Seven Interesting Things about the Epilogue to Job

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