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Arius Didymus: Epitome of Stoic Ethics
Arthur J. Pomeroy
Publication Date
January 2012


"Pomeroy provides great help in interpreting this text (critical Greek text, reliable English version, illuminating notes, and an extensive glossary of Greek terms); it is a must acquisition for every New Testament scholar interested in the Epistles, New Testament parenesis, and Hellenistic Greek." Edgar Krentz, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

"This new annotated text and translation of Arius must be warmly welcomed, giving us an up-to-date and accessible version....It is in general a pleasure to be able to deal with earlier Stoicism through any kind of continuous ancient text." Harold Tarrant, University of Newcastle

"Pomeroys edition of Arius Didymus Epitome of Stoic Ethics makes an invaluable contribution to the study of Stoicism. . . .a work of major importance for the understanding of Stoic ethics. Arius detailed classification of moral behavior and its objects emerges in Pomeroys philosophically nuanced translation with exceptional clarity and precision. Included are a first-rate introduction, short bibliography, and a helpful Greek-English glossary. Best of all are the notes, which are a model of concise and judicious learning. Given the difficulties of Arius text, it is easy to imagine an edition that either overwhelms or loses focus. Pomeroy, however, remains firmly on the mark throughout. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a more compelling or reliable guide to this fascinating text." Phillip Mitsis, A. S. Onassis Professor of Classics and Philosophy, New York University

Arius Didymus was an Alexandrian philosopher and a close associate of Augustus, the first Roman emperor. Arius was particularly interested in ethics and compiled an account of both Peripatetic and Stoic ethics. This work will be of particular interest to readers concerned with ancient moral philosophy and the Greco-Roman context of early Christianity.

Arthur J. Pomeroy is Associate Professor in the Department of Classics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.