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The OG and TH Versions of Daniel
Tim Mclay
SCS 43
Publication Date
August 1996


This volume compares the Old Greek (OG) and the Theodotion (Th) versions of the book of Daniel. Due to the important textual readings of papyrus 967, the study begins with textual criticism of the OG before analyzing the translation technique of the OG and Th. Employing a variety of linguistic methodologies, the nature and relationship of the two translations is clearly defined and the results then applied to textual criticism of the Masoretic Text. McLay concludes that in many cases the OG manuscripts have been corrupted by the Th readings and that the Th Daniel is an independent translation, not a revision of OG. Furthermore, the evidence sucgests that Daniel 4–6 in the OG originated from a different translator(s) than the remainder of the text.

“This study is a valuable contribution to the discussion of the complicated history of Greek Daniel.”
—Alison Salvesen

“McLay’s monograph, a carefully revised version of his Durham dissertation, is primarily a volume aimed at LXX specialists and others with an especial interest in the book of Daniel. Nonetheless, the issues McLay raises go far beyond a single book of the Septuagint. For that reason this excellent study deserves a wide readership among those with interests in translation technique, textual criticism, and the interplay between ancient texts and modern interpreters.”
— Leonard Greenspoon, Journal of Biblical Literature