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I Esdras: From Origin to Translation
Zipora Talshir
SCS 47
Publication Date
March 2006


This comprehensive study of I Esdras approaches the book from three different perspectives which together depict the overall process of its creation. It shows that the Story of the Youths is the raison dtre of I Esdras and the reason for the major differences in compass and sequence of events between I Esdras and Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah. It collects ample evidence, classified in syntactical categories, suggesting that both the Masoretic text and I Esdras Vorlage underwent similar changes in the course of their transmission. Finally, it gives a detailed description of the vibrant translation of I Esdras into Greek, and examines the milieu in which the Greek version of the book was created.

Zipora Talshir is Senior Lecturer at Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.