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Consistency of Translation Techniques in the Tabernacle Accounts of Exodus
Martha Lynn Wade, Wade
SCS 49
Publication Date
March 2003


060449P-WadeThis book is a detailed examination and comparison of the translation techniques used in the Old Greek version of the instructions for the building of the tabernacle (Exodus 25–31) and the account of the construction of the tabernacle (Exodus 35–40). This examination of the translation of words and grammatical constructions suggests that the instructions for building the tabernacle were translated first and that a second translator used the translation of the instructions as the basis for translating the account of the construction of the tabernacle. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of lexical and grammatical consistency and accuracy of the Old Greek, furthering the text critical study of the tabernacle accounts by an approach more objective than issue-oriented. It also emphasizes Hebrew textual variants both within their immediate contexts and within a system of similar changes throughout the text, showing that “irrelevant” textual variants are important for a proper understanding of the text.Martha L. Wade, is a translator/translation consultant with Pioneer Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea.