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X Congress of the International Organization of Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Oslo, 1998
Bernard A. Taylor
SCS 51
Publication Date
October 2001



Introduction by the European Vice-President

Bernard A. Taylor

The Delight of Ezekiel's Eyes: Ez 24:15-24 in Hebrew and in Greek
Johan Lust

Die Zwei Erzählungen von Joabs Tod (1 Kön 2:28–34) im Masoretischen Text und in der LXX
Adrian Schenker

Jeremiah 52: A Test Case for Jer LXX
Georg Fischer, S.J.

The Renderings of the Circumstantial [ky] Clauses in the LXX of Joshua and Judges
Seppo Sipilä

Lexical Variants in the Greek Text of Reigns and Chronicles
Ma Victoria Spottorno

Lexical Inconsistency: Towards a Methodology for the Analysis of the Vocabulary in the Septuagint
Tim McLay

Exegesis and Liturgy in the Superscriptions of the Greek Psalter
Albert Pietersma

The Septuagint Account of Solomon's Reign: Revision and Ancient Recension
Frank H. Polak

On the LXX Translators’ Knowledge of Hebrew
J. Joosten

La Bible d’Alexandrie. I. The Translation Principles
Marguerite Harl

La Bible d’Alexandrie. II. Select Passage: Sophonie (Zephaniah) 3,8–11
C. Dogniez

A New English Translation of the Septuagint
Albert Pietersma

Comments on NETS and La Bible d’Alexandrie
Arie van der Kooij

Reactions to the Panel on Modern Translations
Natalio Fernández Marcos

Fautes de traduction, ou bonnes traductions? Quelques exemples pris dans la LXX des Douze Petits Prophètes
Cécile Dogniez

Translating a Translation: The Septuagint of Genesis and the NETS Project
Robert J. V. Hiebert

Towards a New Collection of Hexaplaric Material for the Book of Genesis
R. B. ter Haar Romeny and Peter J. Gentry

A Greek-Hebrew Index of The Antiochene Text
Natalio Fernández Marcos

Interim Report: NETS Leviticus
Dirk Büchner and Leonora Jackson

The Letter of Aristeas and the Origin of the Septuagint
Raija Sollamo

Translation or Interpretation?: A Sample from the Books of Esther
Kristin De Troyer

Textual Criticism and Literary Criticism in Joshua 1:7 (MT and LXX)
Michaël N. van der Meer

The Psalm Headings in Book One of the Syro-Hexapla Psalms
Harry F. van Rooy

Patristic Evidence of the Difficulties in Understanding the LXX: Hadrian’s Philological Remarks in Isagoge
Alex Leonas

LXX Num 14:23: Once More a “Deuteronomist” at Work?
Hans Ausloos

The So-Called “Major Expansions” in SamP, 4QpaleoExodm and 4QExodj of Ex 7:14–11:10: On the Edge between Textual Criticism and Literary Criticism
Bénédicte Lemmelijn

A Touch of Chronicles: The Provenance of 3 Reigns 10:26–26a
P. S. F. van Keulen

The Ideology of Septuagint Proverbs
Johann Cook

Deshalb werden nicht aufstehen Frevler im Gericht: Zur Übersetzungsweise und Interpretation im ersten Septuaginta-Psalm
Frank Austermann

A Peculiar Word-Order Rule for the Septuagint and for Cognate Texts
Georg Walser

[Pipto epi prosopon mou]: A Set Phrase in Ezekiel?
Katrin Hauspie

What We Talk about When We Talk about Translation Technique
Anneli Aejmelaeus

The Use of the Septuagint as a Textual Witness: Further Considerations
M. A. Zipor