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XII Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Leiden, 2004
Melvin K. H. Peters, Melvin K H Peters, editors
SCS 54
Publication Date
November 2006


This volume continues a well-established tradition of presenting the proceedings of the triennial Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS) in published form. In method and content, the seventeen papers published here represent the current state of Septuagint studies, ranging in their approach from the conceptual to the specific and in their subject matter from specific Septuagint texts to issues translation past and present.

Melvin K. H. Peters is Professer of Religion at Duke University. He is editor of A Critical Edition of the Coptic (Bohairic) Pentateuch, volume 2: Exodus (SBL, 1986).


Introduction by the Editor
—Melvin K. H. Peters

The Kaige Recension: The Life, Death, and Postmortem Existence of a Modern—and Ancient—Phenomenon
—Leonard J. Greenspoon

Approaches in Translation Studies and Their Use for the Study of the Septuagint
—Theo van der Louw

The Translation of a Translation: Some Methodological Considerations on the Translation of the Septuagint
—Johann Cook

The Septuagint and the Vocalization of the Hebrew Text of the Torah
—Stefan Schorch

Provenance, Profile, and Purpose of the Greek Joshua
—Michaël N. van der Meer

Are Jael (Judges 5:24) and Mary (Luke 1:42) Blessed Above or Among Women?
—Sabine van den Eynde

David’s Return to Ziklag: A Problem of Textual History in 1 Samuel 30:1
—Anneli Aejmelaeus

The Historical, Social, and Literary Context of Old Greek Job
—Claude E. Cox

John Chrysostom and the Septuagint (Job and Psalms)
—Mario Cimosa

[lmntsch] in the Psalm Headings and Its Equivalent in LXX
—Hans Ausloos

The Meaning and Function of [Hallelouia] in the Old Greek Psalter
—Jannes Smith

The Place of the Enclitic Personal Pronouns in the Old Greek Psalter
—Raija Sollamo

Le traducteur grec a-t-il allégorisé ou érotisé le Cantique des cantiques?
—Jean-Marie Auwers

Le regroupement des livres prophétiques dans la LXX d’après le témoignage des chaînes exégétiques
—Mathilde Aussedat

Die sogenannten ‘Ebed-Jahwe-Lieder in der Septuaginta
—Evangelia G. Dafni

[En] with Dative Indicating Instrument in the Septuagint of Ezekiel
—Katrin Hauspie

Translating 2 Maccabees for NETS
—Joachim Schaper