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`Have You Seen Son of Man?`: A Study of the Translation and Vorlage of LXX Ezkiel 40-48
Daniel M. O'hare
SCS 57
Publication Date
October 2010


This work examines the Vorlage of LXX Ezekiel 40–48, arguing that it represents a reworking of these chapters in light of the book as a whole. The author applies Skopostheorie, a modern functional theory of translation, to understand the goals of translation in LXX Ezekiel 40–48, which include highlighting the distance and hence authority of the source text, suggesting solutions to problems posed by the text, and updating elements of the vision in light of Hellenistic culture. The goal of the translation was both to preserve the authority and to heighten the persuasive power of these chapters for his Hellenistic readers.

Daniel M. O’Hare is Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Wheeling Jesuit University. He is the co-author of Prophecy and Apocalyptic: An Annotated Bibliography (Baker Academic).