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Bakhtin and Genre Theory in Biblical Studies
Roland Boer
SemeiaSt 63
Publication Date
November 2007


This volume offers a meeting between genre theory in biblical studies and the work of Mikhail Bakhtin, who continues to be immensely influential in literary criticism. Here Bakhtin comes face to face with a central area of biblical studies: the question of genre. The essays range from general discussions of genre through the reading of specific biblical texts to an engagement with Toni Morrison and the Bible. The contributors are John Anderson, Roland Boer, Martin J. Buss, Judy Fentress-Williams, Christopher Fuller, Barbara Green, Bula Maddison, Carleen Mandolfo, Christine Mitchell, Carol A. Newsom, David M. Valeta, and Michael Vines.

Roland Boer is Reader in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Monash University, Melbourne. He is the author or editor of numerous books including Marxist Criticism of the Bible (T&T Clark), Symposia: Confrontations in Biblical Studies (Equinox) and Criticism of Heaven (Brill).

Bakhtin and Genre Theory succeeds in its objective to offer a space in which the intersection between Bakhtin and biblical studies may be further explored. This volume is a truly interdisciplinary venture that offers new and exciting ways to explore the dynamic nature of biblical genres and its effect on audiences then and now.”
— L. Juliana Claassens, Biblical Interpretation

“In this volume Bakhtin’s ideas and categories are put in dialogue with the achievements of form criticism. The contributors take Bakhtin’s key categories, such as dialogic and monologic narrative, chronotope and heteroglossia, and explore their intersection with the problem of genres in biblical texts. All in all, this book can be recommended to any reader interested in applying critical theories in the study of the Bible. ”
— Elzbieta Lazarewicz-Wyrzykowska, Journal of Semitic Studies