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Bible through the Lens of Trauma
Elizabeth Boase, Christopher G. Frechette, editors
SemeiaSt 86
Publication Date
October 2016


Explore emerging trends in trauma studies and biblical interpretation

In recent years there has been a surge of interest in trauma, trauma theory, and its application to the biblical text. This collection of essays explores the usefulness of using trauma theory as a lens through which to read the biblical texts. Each of the essays explores the concept of how trauma might be defined and applied in biblical studies. Using a range of different but intersecting theories of trauma, the essays reflect on the value of trauma studies for offering new insights into the biblical text. Including contributions from biblical scholars, as well as systematic and pastoral theologians, this book provides a timely critical reflection on this emerging discussion.


  • Implications for how reading the biblical text through the lens of trauma can be fruitful for contemporary appropriation of the biblical text in pastoral and theological pursuits
  • Articles that integrate hermeneutics of trauma with classical historical-critical methods
  • Essays that address the relationship between individual and collective trauma

Elizabeth Boase is Senior Lecturer in Hebrew/Old Testament and Head of the Department of Theology at Flinders University and Adelaide College of Divinity, Adelaide Australia. She is the author of The Fulfillment of Doom? The Dialogic Interaction between the Book of Lamentation and the Pre-Exilic/Early Exilic Prophetic Literature (T & T Clark).

Christopher G. Frechette is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology at St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas, and was Assistant Professor of Old Testament at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry from 2008–2014. He is an Associate Editor for Catholic Biblical Quarterly. He is the author of Mesopotamian Ritual-prayers of “Hand-lifting” (Akkadian Šuillas): An Investigation of Function in Light of the Idiomatic Meaning of the Rubric (Ugarit-Verlag).

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