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Close Encounters between Bible and Film: An Interdisciplinary Engagement
Laura Copier, Caroline Vander Stichele, editors
SemeiaSt 87
Publication Date
November 2016


Explore new routes into the burgeoning field of biblical literature and film theory

The present collection of essays is a sequel to the groundbreaking Semeia 74 issue, published in 1996, entitled Biblical Glamour and Hollywood Glitz. These new essays showcase the divergent approaches from film studies and cultural studies that can be used in the visual analysis of biblical and religious themes, narratives, and characters in cinema. It is the first volume that specifically addresses issues of methodology, theory, and analysis in the study between bible and film. As such, this collection is of interest to scholars in film studies and theology/religion/biblical studies, who are invested in doing interdisciplinary research in the expanding field of religion and film.


  • Specific focus on methods of film analysis, rather than the more common focus on thematic analysis in the study of religion, Bible, and film.
  • Visual analysis in the encounter between Bible and film
  • Fourteen essays and an introduction by top scholars in the field

Laura Copier is Assistant Professor of Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University. Her research is focused on the interdisciplinary exchange between religion and popular culture, film in particular. She is the author of Preposterous Revelations: Visions of Apocalypse and Martyrdom in Hollywood Cinema 1980-2000 (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2012) analyzes the divergent representations of the Apocalypse, in image as well as in words, appearing in contemporary Hollywood cinema.

Caroline Vander Stichele is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research and publications focus on gender issues in early Christian literature and on the cultural impact of the Bible. She also co-edited several volumes, including Text, Image, and Otherness in Children’s Bibles: What is in the Picture? (2012) with Hugh Pyper and Hidden Truths from Eden: Esoteric Readings from Genesis 1–3 (2014) with Susanne Scholz.

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