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Postcolonial Perspectives in African Biblical Interpretations
Musa Dube, Andrew Mbuvi, Dora R. Mbuwayesango, editors
Publication Date
August 2012


This volume foregrounds biblical interpretation within the African history of colonial contact, from North Atlantic slavery to the current era of globalization. It reads of the prolonged struggle for justice and of hybrid identities from multifaceted contexts, where the Bible co-exists with African Indigenous Religions, Islam, and other religions. Showcasing the dynamic and creative approaches of an emerging and thriving community of biblical scholarship from the African continent and African diaspora, the volume critically examines the interaction of biblical texts with African people and their cultures within a postcolonial framework. While employing feminist/womanist, postcolonial, Afrocentric, social engagement, creative writing, reconstruction, and HIV/AIDS perspectives, the authors all engage with empire in their own ways: in specific times, forms, and geography. This volume is an important addition to postcolonial and empires studies in biblical scholarship. The contributors are David Tuesday Adamo, Lynn Darden, H. J. M. (Hans) van Deventer, Musa W. Dube, John D. K. Ekem, Ernest M. Ezeogu, Elelwani B. Farisani, Sylvester A. Johnson, Emmanuel Katongole, Malebogo Kgalemang, Temba L. J. Mafico, Madipoane Masenya (ngwan’a Mphahlele), Andrew M. Mbuvi, Sarojini Nadar, Elivered Nasambu-Mulongo, Jeremy Punt, Gerrie Snyman, Lovemore Togarasei, Sam Tshehla, Robert Wafawanaka, Robert Wafula, Gerald West, Alice Y. Yafeh-Deigh, and Gosnell L. Yorke.

Musa W. Dube is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Botswana. She is the author of Postcolonial Feminist Interpretation of the Bible (Chalice), The HIV and AIDS Bible: Selected Essays (University of Scranton Press) and co-editor of The Bible in Africa: Transactions, Trajectories, and Trends (Brill) and other volumes.

Andrew M. Mbuvi is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics at Shaw University Divinity School (High Point Campus). He is the author of Temple, Exile and Identity in 1 Peter (T&T Clark) and several articles and essays in journals and books.

Dora R. Mbuwayesango is George E. and Iris Battle Professor of Old Testament Languages and Literature at Hood Theological Seminary. She has contributed to several edited volumes including Global Bible Commentary (Abingdon) and Postcolonial Interventions: Essays in Honor of R. S. Sugirtharajah (Sheffield Phoenix).