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Let the Words Be Written: The Lasting Influence of Eugene A. Nida
Philip C. Stine
Publication Date
November 2004


Pick up nearly any English Bible today, and you have already encountered Eugene A. Nida—his influence is that widespread. Nida’s dynamic-equivalence approach to Bible translation helped to shape the Good News Bible, the Contemporary English Version, the New International Version, and the New Jerusalem Bible. In addition, Nida’s longtime work with the American Bible Society and collaboration with the United Bible Societies spread his theories and methods around the world. Drawing on archival records and interviews with those who know Nida best, Let the Words Be Written examines and assesses the ongoing influence of this scholar of wide-ranging abilities and boundless energy. Bible translators, students and scholars of translation theory or cross-cultural studies, and general readers with an interest in the Bible will find this volume both accessible and enlightening.

Philip C. Stine received his Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Michigan. He was recruited by Dr. Nida in 1968 to work with the translations program of the United Bible Societies where he served in varioius capacities for nearly thirty years, first as a translation consultant in Africa and later as the global coordinator of translation work and related research. Dr. Stine has authored and edited numerous books on Bible translation and missiology, including Bible Translation and the Spread of the Church: The Last 200 Years (1990). For six years he was director for publishing, marketing and translation services for UBS. He now is a marketing and publishing consultant based in Wilmington, North Carolina.