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The Bible in American Law, Politics, and Political Rhetoric
James Turner Johnson, editor
Publication Date
October 1985


Classic essays now back in print

One of six titles in The Bible in American Culture series published to celebrate the Society of Biblical Literature's centennial, this volume explores the intersection of politics and religion from the colonial era through the 1950s. Contributors focus on constitutional law, economics, community, and the development of political realism in relationship to the Bible. Each book in the series provides key information for anyone studying the interplay of the Bible and American culture from the foundation of the United States through the mid- to later twentieth century.


  • Focus on the impact of the Bible on the language and practice of politics
  • Essays cover the colonial era through the 1950s

James Turner Johnson is Distinguished Professor of Religious Ethics in the Department of Religion at Rutgers University. He is the author of Sovereignty: Moral and Historical Perspectives (Georgetown University Press, 2014) and Ethics and the Use of Force: Just War in Historical Perspective (Ashgate, 2011).


— James Turner Johnson

Scripture and Society: From Reform in the Old World to Revival in the New
— Mark Valeri and John F. Wilson

The Bible in Revolutionary America
— Mark A. Noll

God’s Judgment, Christ’s Command: Use of the Bible in Nineteenth-Century American Political Life
— Louis B. Weeks

The Interaction of Biblical Religion and American Constitutional Law
— Edward McGlynn Gaffney Jr.

Jesus and Economics: A Century of Reflection
— Max L. Stackhouse

The Christian Element in Christian Realism
— Dennis P. McCann

The Polis in America as Imago Dei: Neither Secular Nor “Born Again”
— James E. Sellers