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Journal of Biblical Literature 142.1
JBL 142.1
Publication Date
April 2023


The Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) is a quarterly periodical that promotes critical and academic biblical scholarship. Bringing the highest level of technical expertise to bear on the canon, cognate literature, and the historical matrix of the Bible, JBL has stood as the flagship journal of biblical studies for more than a century. 


Musa W. Dube, “Introduction to the Presidential Address”

Adela Yarbro Collins, “Ethics in Paul and Paul in Ethics”

Hananel Shapira, “Making Sense of the Incense Altar: Location inSacred Space and Text”

Ya’akov Dolgopolsky-Geva, “Where (and When) Did the Authors of Joshua 10:1–39, 11:1–15 Live?”

Jodi Magness, “Toilets and Toilet Humor in the Story of Eglon’s Murder by Ehud (Judges 3:15–26)”

Brent Nessler, “Tracing Bathsheba’s Metamorphosis through the Lens of Trauma and Recovery”

Lourdes García Ureña, “Darkness or Blackness? A Semantic Study of חשך (Joel 3:4)”

Rebecca Runesson, “Centurions in the Jesus Movement? Rethinking Luke 7:1–10 in Light of the Gaianus Inscription at Kefar ‘Othnay”

Isaac T. Soon, “The Little Messiah: Jesus as τῇ ἡλικίᾳ μικρός in Luke 19:3”

Adam Booth, “How You Learned Christ: Petrine Christological Transformation of Pauline Vocabulary”

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