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Journal of Biblical Literature 142.2
JBL 142.2
Publication Date
July 2023


The Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) is a quarterly periodical that promotes critical and academic biblical scholarship. Bringing the highest level of technical expertise to bear on the canon, cognate literature, and the historical matrix of the Bible, JBL has stood as the flagship journal of biblical studies for more than a century. 


Davide D’Amico, “What Is Not, but Might Be: Disnarration as Narrative Device in the Hebrew Bible”

Richard Whitekettle, “There Is a Tide in the Affairs of Women: The Biology of Menstruation in Levitical (and Israelite) Thought”

Julia Rhyder, “The Jewish Pig Prohibition from Leviticus to the Maccabee”s

Quinn Daniels, “The Root of Ephraim among Amalek in the Song of Deborah”

Daniel E. Carver, “Biblical Prophecy in Its Ancient Near Eastern Context: A New Interpretation of Jeremiah 30–33

Ian M. A. MacGillivray, “Prophetic Validation and the Nonregnal Dates in the Superscriptions to Jeremiah and Amos”

Haley Gabrielle, “Re-remembering Hagar: Reading the Σάρξ in Galatians with Hortense Spillers

Chance E. Bonar, “Reading Slavery in the Epistle of Jude”

Daniel Charles Smith, “John of Patmos and the Appeal of an Exotic Apocalypse”

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