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Neo-Babylonian Trial Records
Shalom E. Holtz, translator
WAW 35
Publication Date
March 2014


New translations of fifty transliterated texts for research and classroom use

This collection of sixth-century B.C.E. Mesopotamian texts provides a close-up, often dramatic, view of ancient courtroom encounters shedding light on Neo-Babylonian legal culture and daily life. In addition to the legal texts, Holtz provides an introduction to Neo-Babylonian social history, archival records, and legal materials. This is an essential resource for scholars interested in the history of law.


  • Fifty new English translations
  • Transliterations for use in advanced Akkadian courses
  • Background essays perfect for courses dealing with ancient Near Eastern history and law
  • Explanatory essays preceding each text and its translation

Shalom E. Holtz is Associate Professor Bible at Yeshiva University in New York, an Assyriologist, and a biblical scholar interested in Mesopotamian literature and law and their relationships to biblical and post-biblical writings. He is the author of Neo-Babylonian Court Procedure (Brill, 2009).


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